Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Wintry Pursuit

When I saw this scene in front of my house, I was intrigued by the strange shapes and by the holes leading up to them. They looked sort of like footprints, but they were only going in one direction. Did the person jump back to where he started? And who or what made those shapes? Whatever their origins, they begged to be photographed. The composition fell into place. The footprints, if they are footprints, lead your eye to the conical shape as does the posture of the shape that looks like a mouse. I think the burned-out highlights help make the photograph more mysterious.
One reviewer of the show had an interesting interpretation of the image. She wrote, "Seeking, yet pausing, the static yet mobile forms cause us to observe the creation of a mood of desire and of desire thwarted." What do you think?


At April 15, 2008 at 3:04 PM , Blogger Lea said...

I was fascinated by the possibilities in your “Wintry Pursuit.” At first, it seemed that some animals or other life forms were tunneling through the snow looking for something. What they were looking for is the mystery, but they appeared to think that it was close at hand, so they kept bobbing their heads up. Perhaps they did not feel safe enough to come up all the way, or they were too cold to do so. Then, another image came to mind. The shadows prompted the impression of how the ocean tide sweeps over whatever is in its path leaving the mounds and valleys for us to wonder what is there. I wanted to wait for the snow-tide to recede to see what is there, but simultaneously, I’d rather leave it to my imagination. There is the promise of so many variations that you have offered the viewer and I thank you for forcing my brain to find at least some of them.


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